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Born in Linz, Austria. Lives and works in Israel
B.A in Geography and Art History, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1985)
M.A Master of Art History, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem (2009)
Graduate of LAHAV – Executive Education, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University (2004)
Founder and Chief Curator of Office in Tel Aviv Gallery (since 1994)
Founder and Artistic Director of « The Center for Visual Arts in Tel Aviv » Association (since 1995) Founder and Editor in Chief of TERMINAL, a bi-lingual (Hebrew-English) review of 21st century art (since 1996)
President: AICA Israel (since 2014)
Member of AICA International – International Art Critics Association (since 2000)
Member of AICA’s International Board (2012-2017)
Member of AICA comity E.M.C (since 2013)

Currently finished an comprehensive research and published a book about the artist Georges Foldes, architect and painter, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts (the Beaux-Arts), Budapest and École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. The Book was published in Israel Tel Aviv, December 2017.
Scriptwriter, producer, and director of documentary films about Israeli artists (1999-2011)
Conducted a comprehensive study and wrote a monograph about Holocaust artist Osias Hofstatter (2011)
Curated the exhibition and wrote the catalogue: Osias Hofstatter: The Early Years, 1938-1957, Yad Vashem Museum of Art, Jerusalem (1992)
Editor and moderator of a TV program about Israeli art broadcast by the academic channel of the National Israeli Television (Channel 51) Haifa University (2004)
Lecturer in international conferences about contemporary, Israeli & Jewish art (1994-2017)
Documentary Film: Yellow – Encounter of 13 Israeli and Palestinian artists/ (49 minutes) 2001
Languages: Hebrew, English, German, Yiddish, French
PRIZE « Art Management Exchange » Curator’s Award on behalf of the City of Chicago and the Renaissance Society Museum at the University of Chicago (1999)
CURATED: 200 Exhibitions at the « Office in Tel Aviv Gallery « . (1994-2018)

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