Actualités de l’AICA

53e Congrès de l’AICA

The next AICA congress will take place ONLINE, from the 25 to the 26 November, 2021 on the theme: Intellectual Aftermath

AICA Turkey is organizing the 53rd AICA International Congress between 25 – 26 November 2021 with the cooperation of AICA International. The Congress will be held online and in English with the theme of “Intellectual Aftermath”.

Today the world faces many social, political and economic challenges. Climate crises, political dilemmas, global terrorism threat, wars, religious conflicts, the refugee situation, gender discussions and pandemics, are among the foremost subcategories of this aftermath. This congress will explore what role art theory, practice and criticism will play in the understanding of the intellectual aftermath and the shaping of this state of change.

The proposed AICA congress “Art, Criticism and Citizenship’ originally scheduled to be held in Valparaiso, Chile in 2020 has now been postponed until September 2022 because of the